Friday, June 21, 2013

Whiskey, Chocolate, & Friendship

ST(o)RY , 10th avenue Manhattan New York, an older french man at the head for the room is smiling charmingly and I am seated among others with my dearest friend.

French chocolater, Michael Richart of Richart Chocolates,  began his monologue with simple explanations about the psychology of coupling (applied in both food and relationships). He talks about how two alike things are friends, and that's really good. But, he says, the right two things that are incredibly and perfectly unalike are love. He puts it so beautifully; "one plus one can be two, but when one plus one is three, or four, now you have something" (read this with a french accent and a smile for best results.)

He then guided us through a series of chocolate and whiskey pairings to prove his point. Starting with a perfect pair, then a fighting pair, and then back to perfect. He asked us what we thought refusing all adjectives that were expected like "sweet" or "smooth" and insisted we give him more more emotional responses.

The first like friendship but that could just be because I had my partner in crime by my side.

The second whiskey tasted like every man I've ever loved. Tall, tattood, handsome, likes to sleep in tents and buys me Dior. (possible side of delusions of Grandeur).

The third like summer.

He enjoyed eating it just as much as we did. His face lit up with passion and excitment every bite and every sip. He went on about focusing on tasting and not eating. We sat up straighter to hang heavier on his every word. He ended the event with the words, "I was born in a chocolate tree, and I hope very much that I die in a chocolate tree"

(the french so beautifully talk with their hands)
(as does sara sassafras)

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