Monday, June 17, 2013

Cleaning up

 The bathtub in my apartment in queens, 4am restless thursday morning, snoring dogs in the corner;

Art De vive. Live your life like art. Take your time, make it lovely. Make everyday things feel joyous. Take baths sing out loud read your poems to your friends in dim lit rooms 

After years if experimenting I have perfected my bath formula: 1/2 pop rocks bath bomb from lush 1/2 bath sea water bomb with real sea weed, moroccan hair mask, vanilla lavender candles,  and water that starts so hot you almost can't take it and cools down as you soak. Play "coexist" by the xx. 
The water is bright blue and the tub full of stringy green sea plant. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't get out of the bathtub if I'm having a bad enough day. The world may be in pieces but at least I smell wonderful.

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