Sunday, June 30, 2013


Long Island City, The PS1 Moma hoards of hipsters pour out of the G train to line up and the sun beats down on everyone but despite the heat, the mood is cheerful and everyone is in good spirits. 

PS1 hosts Warm Up Saturdays almost every week of summer and they're totally worth checking out, they aren't nearly as out of the way as "long island city" might sound. As of yesterday, the museum is now heavily guarded by the "Party Wall" an eco-happy giant grown-up amusement park in and of itself revealed yesterday by Young Architect  Caroline O'Donnell. The Party wall features pools and huge bungee wrapped punching bags of water that sporadically spray on the disco happening down bellow. 

The DJ set list as follows
Juan Atkins Lee Gamble HEATSICK NHK'Koyxen Bill Kouligas 
pretty steady electro beats

*me taken by Greg Keras
(sorry, beer is very expensive at these kinds of things...)
Yummy Mexican Corn

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