Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flower Face

In the original biography about Schiaparelli, "A Shocking Life" it talks about a girl child Elsa feeling ugly and stuffing seeds into her mouth nose and ears hoping to bloom flowers from all her face. She hoped to walk down the streets and be a wonder to all who saw, they'd exclaim how beautiful she was. She would be beautiful. Obviously we know nothing grew, and the child was sent to a doctor, but wouldn't it be nice?

This stayed with me.

I found a Shel Silverstein cartoon where a man grew a garden hair and cut it when laughed about.

Lady Gaga wore a flower helmet and everyone freaked out about how unwearable it was.

The girls string flowers for their hair to show how badly they want to be back in sync with nature

or to update their instagrams.

i want to eat flowers and let them grow from my pores.

I want to be my own version of beautiful.



  1. fabulous thanks for sharing x

  2. i loved this post and your take on things :) even though the man looks happy at the end of the shel silverstein cartoon it still makes me kind of sad. i wish he hadn't changed because people laughed at him.

  3. i always loved the flowers growing on your head like this too. My favorite quote is "I eat flowers, because you are what you eat and I want to be beautiful" though I don't remeber where I read it.